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How to Wear New Dentures

It's a great feeling when you’ve got your new dentures and your smile looks fantastic again. However, you may still feel a bit uncomfortable while getting used to them. Here are some tips from Owen Sound Denture Clinic to help you grow accustomed to them:

  • You may find your speech will be impeded at first. Just keep practicing, even in front of a mirror until you have conquered whatever lisp or squeak in your voice may occur. Reading aloud is a great way to do this.
  • Be careful when eating. Soft food particles may get lodged underneath your dentures. If so, clean them. Chew slowly while you are adjusting to your new dentures.
  • Don’t purposely hold your tongue back or away from your new dentures. Let it “do its thing” by normally and naturally growing accustomed to your dentures the same as your gums and teeth must. This will minimize tongue soreness and discomfort.
  • 3 Rules for Every Meal: Small bites, even distribution of the food in your mouth, and lots of liquids.
  • When you first receive your new dentures, wear them continuously for at least 24 hours or for however long your denturist says to. No exceptions.

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