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How to Tell if You Need Dentures

You may think that dentures are a thing of old age, but the fact is that denture wearing for some people can begin at the age of 18. What's more, over half of Americans aged 55 and over wear dentures or partial dentures. While dentures are a solution for problem teeth, they are also problematic for some of our patients at Owen Sound Denture Clinic. Once you decide to get dentures, you will have them for the rest of your life, as they will replace the unhealthy teeth that must be removed. Therefore, weigh your decision carefully using the following criteria to see if you really need dentures or not:

  • First, and of course, see a dental professional, (or two, for a second opinion) regarding any problems you are having with your teeth.

  • If your teeth are soft or decayed, fillings may not stay in and may not be an option for resolve your situation if you have a chewing problem. Also if your gums are in an advanced state of bad health, you may lose your teeth no matter what you do.

  • Partial dentures are an option for people who need to have only some of their teeth extracted. They fasten to the remaining natural teeth in your mouth and are easier to wear, eat with and speak through than a full set of dentures.

  • Weigh the costs of saving your natural teeth vs. getting dentures. Financial distress or lack of dental insurance may help you make up your mind.

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