Tips on Taking Care of Your Dentures

Once you received your dentures from Owen Sound Denture Clinic, you should make a habit of cleaning and taking basic care of them to keep your smile looking its best. We've gathered some general information about caring for your new dentures.

How to Whiten Dentures

If you drink coffee or tea, eat foods that stain, or are a smoker, your dentures probably look duller than they should. To remove denture stains and whiten your smile, follow these tips:

  • Use an over-the-counter denture cleaning solution such as Efferdent Plus, and follow the instructions on the box closely.
  • Once a week, soak your dentures overnight in a solution made up of ½ distilled white vinegar and ½ water. Brush your dentures after soaking to remove the tough stains. This will also sanitize and remove odours from your dentures.
  • Brush your dentures with baking soda.
  • Mix a glass of water with one teaspoon of plain liquid bleach and soak your dentures in the solution for 15 minutes. Brush them afterward to remove tough stains.
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